About Martine

Have you enjoyed success in many areas of life, yet felt that something was missing and you didn’t know what it was?

That became my story after I started working. I was always looking forward to the next thing, making plans, ticking off my achievements one by one, yet never really stopping to appreciate or celebrate them. Friends who knew me then described me as “uptight and exhausting to listen to.” I was always busy doing something. Hoping others would be proud of me. Until I found myself one day exhausted and confused at why I was feeling like everything was a chore.

I had a lot to be grateful for; a family who loved me, many personal and professional achievements that I am proud of, and my health, yet it didn’t feel like enough. It still felt like I needed to do more.

I had underestimated the amount of pressure that I had put myself under to be the perfect (fill in the blank) and it all came to a head when I realised that at some point I had started living someone else’s life. I deserved better and I needed to adapt how I was thinking and living.
From that point I became a ‘perfectionist in recovery’ – who knew that was a thing?? Since then I have experimented with it. I’ve studied, tried out lots of things and learnt heaps. I continue to be fascinated by the relationship between stress, anxiety, performance and the pursuit of perfection. Particularly as the pursuit of perfection can lead to unhelpful decisions and isolate us further.

In my work I continue to be amazed by our adaptive nature and the stories it creates for us to remain safe in the world. I believe as humans we do what we can to avoid pain and sometimes our strategies are unknowingly flawed. And afterwards it can be sometimes frightening to untangle the mess we find ourselves in.

My children report I am a better parent for all my learning and my husband, a partner in a law firm, says I’m more understanding of why people may be behaving the way they do, happier as a result and that we are having ever closer conversations even after nearly 20 years of marriage!


  • Masters of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute)
  • Bachelors of Social Science, Industrial Psychology (University of Cape Town)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in HR (Thames Valley University), CIPD
  • Organisational Coach Level 2 (IECL)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MTIA), MBSR Level 1
  • Mindful Self-Compassion (UC San Diego School of Medicine), MSC Level 1
  • SMART group facilitator, SMART Recovery Australia
  • Variety of accreditations for leadership assessment and personal development tools

Combining speciality training with industry & life experience!

Prior to being in private practice, I worked inside top tier firms including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs JBWere, KPMG, King & Wood Mallesons, Norton Rose Fullbright, Optus and House of Fraser developing their talent for the future. It gave me a unique insight on the pressures of working in those environments, and what it takes to be truly successful in them.

As a parent of two school age children and a wife of a professional without local family support, I understand the household juggle that comes with being a ‘professional family’.

My current clients come from a range of service-based organisations, predominantly professional services, financial services, media and technology-based firms.
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Hi, I'm Martine Barclay and I want to support you to better manage your stress, so you get
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