Thank you for completing the Problem Quiz

Your Problem Score shows you’re
Likely to Self-Destruct!

You have started down a path that can only bring more pain and rejection if you don’t make some changes soon.

Here’s what might be happening for you at the moment…

  • Chances are you feel quite bad about where you are at and you’ve tried to avoid dealing with it – hoping it’ll fix itself
  • Intellectually you know you need to make changes yet you are at a loss as to how to go about solving your ‘problem’ discreetly
  • So many people look up to you, they’d be shocked to know your secret – how could you risk letting them down
  • You’re afraid of being by yourself if you no longer have your social circle
  • Those close to you might have suggested directly or subtlety that they think you may have a problem and that it’s getting out of hand

Here’s what you can do to make some POSITIVE changes

  • Reflect on what it means to feel really good. How have you experienced this in the past without your unhealthy habit? This exercise might take you back to another stage in your life.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the skills your unhealthy habit has taught you and consider how you might use them towards healthier habits.
  • The next time you feel like engaging in your unhealthy habit, wait 15 minutes and notice if the craving has past. How else can you distract yourself?
  • You may find the changes you need to make too much to do on your own. Enlist the help of a trusted friend, support group, health professional or a combination thereof to support you on your change journey.

Repeat this process until you feel your ‘problem’ is where you’d like to to be.