Addiction & Recovery

High stress can lead to addiction. If you’re concerned about your behaviours or some else is, chances are you may already be addicted.

Addiction affects everyone not just the addict.

In the broadest terms, addiction occurs when a person becomes pre-occupied by a habit/practice and it interferes with their regular day-to-day functioning to the extent that their desire for the habit or practice overtakes our willingness to focus on our work, family or social activities.

Addiction is most commonly associated with alcohol, drugs (illicit and prescription) and gambling however people do also become addicted to technology (gaming and porn), shopping and work (workaholic). Binge behaviours, like binge drinking, are also considered addictive.

Clients choose to work with me because they recognise they may have a problem and are keen to prevent it negatively impacting them and others. They do not always identify with being an ‘addict’ however they recognise they could soon become one if they continue down the path they are on. Up until now they have been able to keep it together and not really embarrass themselves. In some cases their situation is a secret.

Clients recognise the value of me having worked in high stress environments prior to becoming a therapist. It enables me to provide alternative perspectives and adopt a solution focused approach to their situation.

Clients appreciate my openness and willingness to listen to what is happening for them and my ability to calmly provide insight and a path forward. Over the years my clients comment on how they have been supported through painful and confusing times while feeling respectfully challenged. I believe fundamentally that we adapt to keep ourselves safe and sometimes the adaptations we make are not in our long-term interests. Using a holistic approach, I treat each client from their perspective, with their unique way of being in the world.


“I haven’t attended a meeting for a while but wanted to let you know that I am making good progress. Thank You for the support provided in the group which had enabled me to reduce my alcohol consumption and have more control over the associated issues. I’m in a far better place now compared to when I first attended the group and feel like my life has improved a lot.”

SMART Group participant

“I just wanted drop you a quick note to say thank you for your guidance and advice over the last few weeks. It will certainly help me as I continue my learning journey especially while I am off work and have lots of free time.”  

SMART Group participant