Anxiety & Performance

Mismanaged anxiety can get in the way of you achieving your goals. It can be debilitating and encourage unhelpful behaviours. Managed well it can help you to achieve incredible things.

Anxiety can be helpful. It can help us to achieve in ways we never thought possible.

Unfortunately left unchecked it can also affect how we think about ourselves and lead to unhelpful behaviours which can over time erode our self-esteem and confidence.

Continual achievement, while it is often rewarded, can lead to exhaustion and an ever-present sense of foreboding. While it may have felt good to feel like a ‘winner’ early on, that feeling can fade and be replaced by unrelenting standards to ensure we continue to achieve whether that’s socially, career-wise or in relationships.

Clients who work with me on their relationship with anxiety report they no longer fear experiencing anxiety. They recognise how and when it can help them and when it’s getting in the way. Clients report they feel confident and more in touch with their own needs and are less afraid of the unknown. They are able to listen to the wisdom anxiety has to offer and feel content.


I started working with Martine when I was highly anxious and started to have panic attacks. I had resigned from my management role in hospitality to transition to the role of accountant. The change was difficult for me, I was overwhelmed and I had no local family support. I had lost my self-confidence and was struggling with time management. I felt very confused. Working with Martine I was able to find myself again. Martine helped…

Ece, Accountant & Artist