Career & Lifestyle

Sometimes our career dictates our lifestyle. It doesn’t have to. You can change how you relate to stress.

You can be successful, experience pleasure and be less stressed.

I work with people who want to have a different experience earning a living. They want to feel like when they go in to work, what they do matters. They want to be able to bring their own individuality to the role and be challenged in it. I work with these people to help them understand their motivators and natural strengths and how to leverage them for good. I support them to identify what could be getting in the way of taking their career to the next level.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve done everything you were asked to do, yet you’re not progressing like you’d hoped or expected to. Particularly if you see peers moving ahead faster than you. It can lead you to doubt your own abilities and make you wonder if you’re in the right line of work. You may also feel conflicted about how you feel especially if others have made sacrifices for you to be where you are today.

Talking it through with a coach like me can help you talk openly about what’s really going on.


What clients say about working with me…

I had been with my current employer for over 10 years and was feeling stuck. This coincided with having a hard time with a difficult manager which left me feeling insecure, indecisive and lacking confidence. After I started working with Martine I recognised the value of my strengths and other aspects I was so desperately trying to change. Martine helped me recognise my mental and emotional needs and showed me how I could capitalise on my strengths in practical and constructive ways so I could fill my days with activities I enjoy. Martine is like a match maker between you and your actual self!

Veronica, Senior Policy Advisor

Martine is a great communicator. I found her easy to talk to and ‘down to earth’. She challenged me at times, when she needed to, and provided support when appropriate. Martine helped me to quickly make a positive impact in a new firm at partnership level.  Her candid insights and support provided me with motivation to address challenging behaviours of more senior practitioners and resolve interpersonal conflicts rather than work around them. Conversations with Martine helped me organise my thoughts and prioritise my activities to maximise my marketing efforts. With Martine’s support I was able to maintain focus and intentionally build a large international practice which I am proud of.

Simon, Partner, International Law Firm

I initially connected with Martine when I was at crossroads in my career.  I was experiencing a great deal of self-doubt, anxiety, stress, and ambiguity with my job.    I came to Martine with a narrow career focus, but I found that her coaching was much broader and more about me as person; not only me in a  professional sense but me as I was showing up in other areas of my life, e.g. wife, mother, friend.   Martine challenged me to look inwards to understand and learn what it what was that was actually holding me back.  Martine helped me with strategies to focus on moving forward, things to help me calm my mind, and to help me manage my stress levels.   The result was a clear understanding of some key focus areas and what I needed to do to improve in those areas. I have benefited greatly from my work with Martine and I would highly recommend her coaching service to others.

Dawn, Marketing Executive