Hi, I'm Martine Barclay and I want to support you to better manage your stress, so you get
noticed for the right reasons.

  • Are you struggling to sleep without help?  
  • Have your emotions become hard to control?     
  • Do you sense that you're starting to juggle too many things? 
  • Is stress getting in the way of you achieving your goals?

Often it is the kindest, most engaging people who wear masks as an armour against the day to day that they find themselves experiencing. Over time the pressure they put on themselves and the perceived pressure from others becomes too much and the mask is no longer enough.

While you enjoy your life, it’s not as fun as it used to be; the pace of it doesn’t afford you the opportunity to take stock and recharge. And you keep going. Missing the tell-tale signs that you’re out of balance and, unknowingly or consciously, quickly develop strategies to make up the shortfall.

And they’ll work - until they don’t.

The biggest impact to you is likely to be your sleep, the quality and duration of it. When you’re tired – whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, business leader or parent – you make mistakes and unfortunate decisions which start to put your career, relationships and health at risk. You lose sight of the responsibilities that matter and what you really want to be known for. You become a little less recognisable, and those around you suffer.  

The truth is stress affects us all.

Anyone one who has expectations for themselves and others, who worries about what opinions they may hold of them, or who are concerned about their future are bound to experience stress.

It’s what we do with it that matters most!

How can I help you?

I work with individuals, couples and organisations to better manage stress and its impacts. Stress is personal and depending on how you respond to it, it can make you sick; sabotage relationships; promote unsustainable behaviours; and more…

Work with Martine

Martine works with clients from a range of industries, in a variety of ways. Her approach is informed by the client’s situation and desired outcome/s.

Learn with Martine

Courses are designed to provide adult learners with in-depth knowledge, worksheets and practical Tips and Tricks from working with real clients.

Invite Martine

Engaging and practical presentations and in-house workshops on stress related challenges employees, leaders and organisations may face.

About Me

Hi, I’m Martine Barclay

As your champion, I combine my interest in human behaviour with my psychotherapy training and talent development expertise to help you manage your stress and life in a more sustainable way. One day I found myself exhausted and confused. I felt everything was a chore yet I had a lot to be grateful for. I had a family who loved me, many personal and professional achievements that I am proud of, and my health, yet I didn’t feel like enough. I still felt like I needed to do more. I had underestimated the amount of pressure that I had put myself under to be the perfect (fill in the blank) and it dawned on me I was living someone else’s life. I realised that I deserved better, that I needed to adapt how I was thinking and living to live the life I wanted. It was at this time I decided to focus my skills and experience to a bigger cause – Helping professionals find peace of mind so that they can achieve with ease; build sustainable practices and stand out from the crowd without being afraid. Curating a life that is present, connected, and one they can be proud of.

What others have said about working with Martine

I had been with my current employer for over 10 years and was feeling stuck. This coincided with having a hard time with a difficult manager which left me feeling insecure, indecisive and lacking confidence. After I started working with Martine I recognised the value of my strengths and other aspects I was so desperately trying to change. Martine helped me recognise my mental and emotional needs and showed me how I could capitalise on my strengths in practical and constructive ways so I could fill my days with activities I enjoy. Martine is like a match maker between you and your actual self!

Veronica, Senior Policy Advisor

I started working with Martine when I was highly anxious and started to have panic attacks. I had resigned from my management role in hospitality to transition to the role of accountant. The change was difficult for me, I was overwhelmed and I had no local family support. I had lost my self-confidence and was struggling with time management. I felt very confused. Working with Martine I was able to find myself again. Martine helped me to find clarity and calm within myself. I am much more confident with my decisions now. Life is much easier. Even though English is my second language she made me feel super comfortable and safe from the beginning. She understood me perfectly. I like the way she uses visual images to explain things which is very helpful for me. I am better at managing my priorities and I feel much calmer. I definitely recommend…

Ece, Accountant & Artist

“I haven’t attended a meeting for a while but wanted to let you know that I am making good progress. Thank You for the support provided in the group which had enabled me to reduce my alcohol consumption and have more control over the associated issues. I’m in a far better place now compared to when I first attended the group and feel like my life has improved a lot.”

SMART Group participant

“I just wanted drop you a quick note to say thank you for your guidance and advice over the last few weeks. It will certainly help me as I continue my learning journey especially while I am off work and have lots of free time.”  

SMART Group participant

“The Summit was a huge success. You were the rock-star of the event. I had a number of attendees tell me how much your session resonated with them, and one said that your session felt like 5 minutes!”  

College of Law, New Lawyer Summit 2018

“Just to say Martine was fabulous! We have had such positive feedback from staff already about the presentation and can’t thank her enough.”

International Litigation Firm, Workplace Wellbeing Presentation

Martine is a great communicator. I found her easy to talk to and ‘down to earth’. She challenged me at times, when she needed to, and provided support when appropriate. Martine helped me to quickly make a positive impact in a new firm at partnership level.  Her candid insights and support provided me with motivation to address challenging behaviours of more senior practitioners and resolve interpersonal conflicts rather than work around them. Conversations with Martine helped me organise my thoughts and prioritise my activities to maximise my marketing efforts. With Martine’s support I was able to maintain focus and intentionally build a large international practice which I am proud of.

Simon, Partner, International Law Firm

I initially connected with Martine when I was at crossroads in my career.  I was experiencing a great deal of self-doubt, anxiety, stress, and ambiguity with my job.    I came to Martine with a narrow career focus, but I found that her coaching was much broader and more about me as person; not only me in a  professional sense but me as I was showing up in other areas of my life, e.g. wife, mother, friend.   Martine challenged me to look inwards to understand and learn what it what was that was actually holding me back.  Martine helped me with strategies to focus on moving forward, things to help me calm my mind, and to help me manage my stress levels.   The result was a clear understanding of some key focus areas and what I needed to do to improve in those areas. I have benefited greatly from my work…

Dawn, Marketing Executive

Do I have a problem?

We can get busy and only notice things when something ‘big’ happens.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late!