Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs

Building a Profitable Legal Practice

This program is specifically designed for lawyers in private practice who want to maximise the time they spend working by putting solid foundations in place so they can build a profitable practice, sustain their legal career, and have a future to look forward to.

Many lawyers find themselves disillusioned after practising law for a while.

Wondering if this is it…Are You ready to find another way to make a living?

What if you could avoid all that by practising law in your own style, and still belong? What if you could walk the floor confidently, share your ideas fearlessly and become the leader you secretly want to be? Wouldn’t that feel really good?

Career Kickstart for Women

This program is specifically designed for women who have prioritised others ahead of themselves and are now in a position to focus on themselves. The course will guide you on how to uncover your natural strengths, how you can share them with the world and with whom, so you wake up everyday with the confidence you are working towards a goal that has meaning for you rather than just collecting an income.